Stanley FatMax tools, for the most part, are fairly good tools. Most have unique designs that allow the user to make work easier and more productive. When I go to my local home improvement center or hardware store, I always look at The Stanley FatMax line of tools to see what’s new. This week I went into the lumber store and found the Stanley FatMax sawhorses with adjustable legs. I wasn’t sure that this was really something I wanted to try. I usually use a pair of hand made sawhorses from wood. Since I cut a lot of lumber, I usually destroy the sawhorses in a few months from constant use. Since I am a tool aficionado, I decided to go ahead and buy them anyways.

I paid about $40 for a pair of Stanley FatMax sawhorses from my local home improvement center. I would say that’s a reasonable price for most of the Stanley FatMax line of tools. I took them home and set them up in my garage to look them over. They are fairly light for a pair of sawhorses. Easy to carry around, but I didn’t think they were sturdy enough for really heavy-duty work. I tried to place a sheet of ½-inch plywood on the set and found that they did tend to wobble and slide around. So much for really heavy-duty materials.

A really cool feature of the Stanley FatMax adjustable sawhorses was that they were adjustable. Each leg moved up and down independently so that you could have an even work area on unleveled ground. Each leg locks into place easily with a plastic slide lever that I found it was easy to move even with one hand. It also has rubber grips on the bottom of the legs so sliding on concrete or wood surfaces is cut down a lot.

Here’s the good and the bad part. First, the good part. The Stanley FatMax adjustable sawhorses have several groves in the top of the sawhorses to hold 2×4’s in place for easy cutting without someone holding the material in place for you. It definitely came in handy for trim work when I had to use the coping saw on beveled trim pieces. Another really good feature is the top of the sawhorse also has a round cup for holding pipes or dowels. It’s not really a practical thing for me since I rarely cut pipes or dowels, but it would defiantly be nice for a plumber.

Here’s the bad news. The entire top of the sawhorse is plastic. I almost cut through it several times. Cutting a large rip or piece of plywood, forget it. You have to keep moving the plywood sheet all around to avoid cutting through the top of the sawhorse. It’s my least favorite feature of the Stanley FatMax sawhorses that I found.

Overall, I found the Stanley FatMax adjustable sawhorses to be ok for the homeowner or weekend craftsman. If you plan to use them for large jobs, don’t bother wasting your money. You can easily build a pair of sawhorses yourself for half the money. I guess it’s just another tool that goes into the shed to never return.